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Rewards and recognition. Opportunities to develop and grow. The chance to build yourself a long and varied career doing something you really love. Just some of the things we can offer you here at Premier Inn. Find out more about the benefits of joining us.

Helping people achieve their dreams

We want Premier Inn to be a place where people’s skills and careers grow as fast as we do. A place where everyone has the opportunities to develop and achieve their dreams. Here are some examples of how have our current team members have grown with us, and what we’ve done to support them along the way.

Achieving your dreams

Corey Russel
Former Apprentice, now based at Premier Inn Edinburgh Airport

The apprenticeship has helped me learn so much. Not just about the area I work in (Food & Beverage) but also about the wider hotel and how it takes the whole team to really work together to deliver great results for the guests. I have also learned so much about myself.

For me, the best part of the job is the guest. I love making people feel happy and creating magic moments for our customers.

My ambition now is to go as far as I can. I can’t wait to get started on the company’s management programme this year. It will give me the chance to develop the skills I have learned and to work with my team and my managers to achieve fantastic results. I have an exciting career path in front of me and I feel that my career aspirations are limitless.

Turning a job into a career

Kyle Briggs
Guest Services Manager, Oakley House Support Centre

I have carried on studying throughout my time at Premier Inn. I completed the Premier Inn Management Development programme at the start of my career and then went on to join a Whitbread-funded MBA programme in 2003. It was a three-stage development programme.

The Premier Inn conferences are inspirational and simply brilliant. One of the highlights for me was being recognised at the leadership conference for minimising bad PR during an unfortunate incident where there was a fire in one of our hotels. I love the fact that Premier Inn celebrates success and rewards hard work.

Becoming an apprentice later in life

Maria Pop
Head Housekeeper, Premier Inn Wirral Greasby

I left school at 17 to pursue my dream of working with horses. I worked at various stables until the age of 25, when I decided to go back to college and complete my A-Levels. I then spent the next 11 years combining motherhood with working full time in hotels, where my love for the hospitality industry just grew and grew.

Premier Inn offer great opportunities to people of all ages. I joined as Head Housekeeper in May 2014 . Then in September I joined the company’s apprenticeship scheme. I am really excited to be on the programme and have the chance to further my knowledge.

The company is growing at such a fast pace. It means there are great development opportunities and I really see the great career path on offer. It’s also amazing to be part of successful brand where you know you have a job for life.

Making friends in high places

Sonny Patel
Premier Inn Host, Premier Inn London Kings Cross

Every day is different. That’s the best thing about my job at Premier Inn. It’s full of surprises. I also enjoy the company of the people I work with – it’s a great and engaged team.

I have already completed a Level 2 Apprenticeship and am currently on Level 3. Doing an apprenticeship with Premier Inn has helped me gain a wider perception of the business and a thorough understanding of how things work.

Last October, I got to meet the Prime Minister. It was during our Apprentice Launch in Oxford – an amazing experience. There are lots of activities for you to get involved in here, inside and outside of work, and I really enjoy taking part.

Feeling recognised and rewarded

We like to give everyone who works for us a little bit extra over and above their pay. We also have an amazing recognition culture at Premier Inn, so if you perform well there are always plenty of awards, prizes and bonuses up for grabs. Some of the benefits we offer include:

Employee Discounts

Each member of the Whitbread team receives exclusive discounts across all of our businesses – our way of giving you that little bit more. Every time you visit one of our Premier Inns, restaurants or Costas, you’ll enjoy a discount of at least 25% (and up to 50% off a stay in Premier Inn).

Recognition & awards

Encouraging and investing in our teams is at the heart of our culture. We offer a range of incentives to ensure that all of our teams benefit from the success of our business as a whole.

  • Everyone gets to share in success through a variety of national and local incentive schemes
  • We give out loads of awards to our highest-performing people and teams
  • Prizes include an all-expenses paid trip at the end of the financial year
  • Generous bonus schemes for managers based on hotel or regional performance
Sharesave scheme

Each of our team members have the chance to invest in the future of our business, and benefit from the success of Whitbread. Our Sharesave scheme gives employees the option to invest through a savings plan over a fixed period, and then purchase Whitbread shares at a significant discount.

Whitbread Pensions Scheme

Everyone at Whitbread is entitled to a bright future – and we’re not just talking about your career. Whilst it may seem like a long way off, to help everyone get the most out of their retirements, we have a generous company pension scheme, which all team members can choose to opt into.

Health & Wellbeing

Supporting our people’s wellbeing, and that of their family, is at the top of our list. Depending on your role within Whitbread, you’ll have access to company sponsored health cover for you or your family, or to discounted private healthcare schemes for you and your family.

To help further, all Whitbread employees can take advantage of a range of other healthcare benefits as well, including receiving significant discounts on dental insurance and regular health assessments.

Employee Assistance Scheme

Whitbread is committed to supporting and helping all of our teams when facing challenges or problems either at home or at work – and as such, have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider, in partnership with Hospitality Action.

The service is free to use, totally confidential and completely independent of Whitbread, and covers everything from helping our team members to manage their working life, through to providing counselling for helping to overcome personal challenges.

Company Car
  • Available to Cluster General Managers and some managers within the Support Centre who need it for their role

Developing your career

You can create an amazing career for yourself at Premier Inn – whether you’re a team member or manager, working in a hotel, in Guest Services or in our Support Centre, we offer everyone lots of opportunities to develop their skills. We also try to make progression as smooth as possible, with an ambition to fill at least 80% of our management roles internally.


Your development journey starts the moment you join, with a structured onboarding programme made up of several learning modules. One of our specially trained Premier Inn Ambassadors will also be on hand to take you through the programme and help you settle in.

Premier Inn Academy

After you’ve been with us a few months, you’ll be able to start exploring the mixture of online and classroom-based learning offered by our Academy. You’ll find everything here from food safety training to lessons on effective objective-setting.

Shooting Stars programmes

Designed for people with big ambitions, these structured development programmes can take you all the way from Team Member to Cluster General Manager.

Apprenticeship programmes

If you’re interested in formal qualifications, we have a range of apprenticeships you can do. There is even the opportunity for people in senior roles to gain an MSc in multi-site leadership.

Learn more about Apprenticeships